Monday, April 23, 2007

It Was An Exciting Tournament

I ended up in 7th place out of a qualifying field estimated to be more than 165 entries. I lost in the semifinal match play 209 - 199. We were told by the house that they had put down the PBA shot called, "Cheetah". There were many complaints and discussions, however, most of us took it in stride and merely had to make our adjustments (and of course, getting the right ball with the right reaction). Being a line bowler, I never had a chance with any inside lines so I ended up on the 2-board , with more speed than normal for me, and pointing the ball in - can't try to loop it from that angle because it was immediate gutter ball.

Where the majority of people (including 'watashi' - me, in Japanese) messed up was the spare shooting. Many people shooting 180 and 190 games with two or three opens as well as 200 or 210 - with one or two opens. Remember these tournaments are handicapped based on 80% of 210. According to the statistics, in order to make the quarterfinals, the "A" Division (200 and above averages) it took a +8 (608 series) and the "B" Division (199 and below average) it took a +19 (619 series).

It was pretty balanced and the quarter finals included 10 women and an equal number of 60+ Seniors out of the 40 total who made it that far. Three women made it to the first semifinal cut and one of them advanced to the top six.

Great turnout, wonderful venue, and terrific competition!