Saturday, April 23, 2011

We Won!!!

While most league playoffs go 3-game total pins (with or without handicap depending on the type of league it is), we found that ours was the "best-2-out-of-3" format. Well, we lost the first game by 9 pins with me shooting a 176 game; took the second by 40 pins and then the third by 11 pins. I threw a 4-bagger in the 8, 9, 10, and 11 frames for a 217 in the second game which took the pressure off the anchor man; then went the back 5 strikes for a 247 in the third game, although it still took a double by our anchor man in the 10th to garner the win. We all did great and when one was down, another was helping, as a team should do working together.
Series-wise our anchor man threw a 266 game and a 701 so he was the high man for the night; however, in his humble way, he kept telling everyone that if it hadn't been for "Choc getting all those strikes and setting up the POSSIBILITY for the wins," he would not have had the chance to shoot for the victory. It was a TEAM championship, and we won as a TEAM.

Friday, April 22, 2011

End Of Season Playoffs

My Friday nite bowling team ended up winning the 2nd round so we have the all-league playoffs tonight against the, of course, 1st round champs. I shot a 740+ series last week to help my team take all the points that enabled us to clinch the playoff spot.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Loring AFB, ME

Two buddies of mine were in the Air Force Security Police and part of their regular duties was to stand guard at the edge of the base. (Loring AFB was a Strategic Air Command (SAC) base for B-52 bombers.) They had guard dogs (K-9's) with them. Both of them being from Hawaii, they didn't like the cold that much. Well, when the temperature got to be (as best I can remember) minus 60 degrees with the wind chill factor, a portable heater was brought out for the K-9's! In the time we were there, it never got cold enough for them to find out if they even brought out some kind of heating device for the humans.